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Central Vacuum

A central vacuum cleaner is more than a mere tool for cleaning. It’s an investment and it’s worth it!

Central Vacuum Unit—An Investment  

When you install a central vacuum-cleaning unit in your home, the appraisal value of your home should automatically increase around $2,000. This increase in real estate value, alone, pays for the cost of the unit. However, a central vacuum can also prolong the life of your carpet and your draperies, as well as the life of your furniture, saving you even more money, in the long run!

A Healthy Environment

Regular use of a central vacuum cleaner helps rid your home of allergens, including dust mites. Unlike a portable vacuum cleaner, a central unit doesn’t continuously circulate dirty air inside your living area. A central unit promotes clean air within your home! Its motor (which is generally installed in your garage or basement) is heavier and much more powerful than that of a portable unit. It provides you with 3 to 5 times more cleaning power, thus, giving you a cleaner home in less time.

Convenience of a Central Vacuum Cleaner  

With a central vacuum, there are no heavy units to lug around from room-to-room. There are no switches to flip on and off; and there are no cords to get tangled up in or to trip over. You simply have to connect a lightweight hose to your choice of any conveniently located inlet, and you’re ready to clean!

A central vacuum cleaning unit also comes with a wide array of attachments for cleaning any type of surface. There are attachments for use on carpet, wood floors, furniture, draperies, mini blinds, baseboards, ceiling fans, automobiles, etc.

When cleaning with a central vacuum cleaner, you don’t have to worry about waking your sleeping baby or missing an important phone call. You can even watch your favorite TV program while cleaning, because this type of vacuum cleaner produces very little noise in the room you’re cleaning. How is this possible? A central vacuum unit is acoustically insulated, and, as stated before, the power unit is located in your garage or basement--outside the living area of your home.



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